Japanese Restaurant Chain in Hong Kong

‘EN’ emulates a celebration for life, a gathering place and fare, all in perfect harmony.


Extending our hospitality to a global audience

EN Group, a Japanese restaurant chain, is dedicated to sharing the flavours and traditions of Okinawa and Japan with Hong Kong and further. Whether it’s the finest seafood or delectable meats, our group is committed to providing an unparalleled cultural immersion through the offering of high-quality, genuine Japanese and Okinawan cuisine to our valued customers.

Ramen at Japanese Restaurant Chain

Our Vision

From fresh seafood to delicious meat, our shop aims to deliver the best cultural experience to our customers by serving premium, authentic Japanese and Okinawan cuisine.

Japanese Food

Each prefecture of Japan has developed their foods throughout the years resulting in today’s delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine. Every season in Japan brings different ingredients into the country, allowing its people to enjoy every part of the cuisine from its seafood to its vegetables. Japan is famous for their top quality seafood provided by the ocean which surrounds the country. Its cattle, namely the Wagyu and Miyazaki-gyu is also renowned for being some of the best in the world with its intense marbling and tenderness.

Chef Slicing Wagyu Beef
Assorted Sashimi

Okinawa Food

Due to historical differences in culture between Okinawa and Japan, the small island of Okinawa is home to a multitude of unique dishes that are not often found in other parts of the world. Okinawan food has been influenced by Japanese, Chinese, and American cuisine whilst maintaining its traditional styles of cooking by utilising ingredients grown and harvested on the island. Surrounded by the ocean, Okinawa is home to a wide range of indigenous fish that provide health benefits which accounts for the exceptional longevity of its people. Okinawan people also enjoy the mouth-watering Agu pork, famous for its marbling and the beauty benefits it provides due to the collagen packed in the meat.

Our Brands

Tonkatsu ENbiton
Tempura Makino
EN Tsim Sha Tsu
Tonkatsu ENbiton HK